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Story Ended. . . For Now

And so today, the story of Jayne and Clifford, two middle aged misfits, has, for now, come to an end. And I feel a little sad to abandon my proteges here, poised on the threshold of a new life together, for better or for worse as it will eventually be. It's been a lot of fun, not to mention a useful discipline in which I hope I have learnt something, and I have actually grown very fond of my characters ; Jayne, hopeful to find love, but not having much luck ; not conventionally pretty or fashionable, but sincere, a romantic at heart, who deserves a suitable soulmate. And Clifford, craftsman and drifter, patient and reserved, waiting for fate to point him in the right direction.

I will be returning to their story anon, to see how the bonds of hasty matrimony have affected them.

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